Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be

Everybody told me I am crazy when not long time ago I decided to go on holiday alone. However it just led me to do this for sure. And of course I was alone only as much as I wanted.

I can‘t say I met great people, still I don‘t know them, but as I love to communicate I found really great talkers. Sometimes in my usual environment I am really missing this – conversations not about food or shoes or jokes. Its easy to be funny, its easy to talk about yourself, to tell other people how great you are, but listening is love and sharing minds is thoughtful. People are not who we think they are, however if you are nice with them, you can make them better. 

I discussed a lot about it with public I don‘t actually know, and what is strange for me, it is so difficult to find someone to talk about it in my ussual environment. Again the same, but this is not my topic for today. Now I am curious about why do we feel nostalgia. I don‘t know, if you, or, when you, feel this, but I get this feeling always after travel. When first time I spend few months in Greece, where I met amazing people all over the world, I fell in love with those people, country, language, traditions and everything. After I came back home I felt pangs of love, I thought I will never see these people again. I was so tearful and grievous, but next summer I came back to the same place. And now time to time I am meeting them in different places of the world.

Still I can‘t voide longing, but I don‘t think it is amiss.  I know you will never get into the place you don‘t have to, I know you will never meet someone you dont have to, I know you will never learn something you dont have to. Everything matters.

Even those people, whom you don‘t apreciate, gives something for you, you learn something from them, you can change and you can change them simply by not knowing it.

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be. You are longing something you will never get. I mean the same: you can‘t get the same moment or feeling twice. However it‘s worth to try. To try to feel, get, learn more than you can imagine


No reason to be afraid to trust yourself


Yesterday I got one of the best advice I’ve ever had:„I see you don’t know what you want. But trust yourself.“

I was thinking so much about it and I realized that I really, first of all, don’t know what I want. They say you need to have an aim in this life. We are waiting or seeking for something so material – diploma, career opportunities, driving license, holidays, we are interested in learning something, but what we feel after we do? Do we feel better, smarter, more beautiful, more intelligent? Do we increase our overall self esteem or self confidence in this way? Or do we feel even bigger emptiness? Cause I do.

Despite all material stuff, that I still need and I am sure I will need for the rest of my life, I am looking for something more. Just who can answer, what is this I am looking for? Some feelings, adventures, experience, people, opportunities. I need to realize something. I am sure there is more than material world and typical rules.

How to do this? How to find something, if you even don’tknow what you are looking for? Trust yourself. We always do something, what is right to do, even without thinking if this is what we want. We work every day from…till, we make the same road every day, we eat the same breakfast every day, we are going to sleep at the same time every evening and we are happy when we have a few weeks to spend abroad or to visit our families in the villages. Is that all we want? In this way, I believe, not possible even to feel that you live. That you are alive, curious, intelligent, smart, charming individual.

Trust yourself. Trust your power of heart and mind. There is nobody else who will tell you what to do. Because they don’t know. You can show to other people any of your side, but only you know what you truly feel, what you really want and what is deep in your heart. People are very individual and different. We want different things. And our problem is that we want to recruit our ideology for others. For example, if I love basketball, I want my friends to love it too. If I want to work inthe office, I am shocked why my friend want to travel around the word. But it is not right, you have to trust yourself in every step you are making and every breath you are taking.

No one knows better what you need than you, because no one feels what you feel. Trust yourself and believe your power. If you want to start to write a BLOG, do it. If you want to go to the gym, do it. If you want to date this guy, who is bad in the opinion of others, do it. Nobody have right to judge your choices. If you feel that you don‘t belong where you are, don‘t be there. If you want to be a singer, stick it. Be happy by following your heart and your own power of mind. Think about it, what is the worst thing that can happen by following yourself? People, who loves you, will always support you no matter what you will do and where you will be.

Don‘t be afraid to make a change. If you don‘t like your life, change it. You won‘t live again.

Happiness is state of mind


My greatest discovery is enjoying being alone. Loneliness is not what makes us sad or unhappy. If you can’t be alone, that just mean that you are afraid of yourself, of your minds, of who you really are.

Couple of years ago I could swear I will never live alone, I will never travel alone, I will never do anything alone, because it’s just not funny. I felt so happy surrounded many real and fake friends, having parties, going to disco or meeting new guys. And still I have days like that. Sometimes you just want to relax, drink few Margaritas or dance with a cute boy, but today, this evening, I feel so comfortable by being alone in my room with a big cup of tea, piece of paper, sentimental music and warm socks, which my friend gave me as a Christmas present. I don’t know if I ever had this feeling and I don’t know if i will ever have. But it‘s good, it’s really so good. Today i feel happy from the bottom of my heart. 

Being happy is what everybody stick so hard. Trying to get a better education, job, cooler boyfriend or girlfriend, fancy car, nice apartment or fashionable clothes. 

Being poor is low, but poverty is not the lack of money. There will always be cooler, prettier, richer people than you. Real confidence is inspiration. 

To be happy means to be crazy, sad, emotional, mad, grateful, calm, festal, joyous. To have full palette, to survive every emotion and every moment. Every tear and every laugh line, every fall down and every ability to rise is our way to find happiness.

This journey is what really makes us happy.