Happiness is state of mind


My greatest discovery is enjoying being alone. Loneliness is not what makes us sad or unhappy. If you can’t be alone, that just mean that you are afraid of yourself, of your minds, of who you really are.

Couple of years ago I could swear I will never live alone, I will never travel alone, I will never do anything alone, because it’s just not funny. I felt so happy surrounded many real and fake friends, having parties, going to disco or meeting new guys. And still I have days like that. Sometimes you just want to relax, drink few Margaritas or dance with a cute boy, but today, this evening, I feel so comfortable by being alone in my room with a big cup of tea, piece of paper, sentimental music and warm socks, which my friend gave me as a Christmas present. I don’t know if I ever had this feeling and I don’t know if i will ever have. But it‘s good, it’s really so good. Today i feel happy from the bottom of my heart. 

Being happy is what everybody stick so hard. Trying to get a better education, job, cooler boyfriend or girlfriend, fancy car, nice apartment or fashionable clothes. 

Being poor is low, but poverty is not the lack of money. There will always be cooler, prettier, richer people than you. Real confidence is inspiration. 

To be happy means to be crazy, sad, emotional, mad, grateful, calm, festal, joyous. To have full palette, to survive every emotion and every moment. Every tear and every laugh line, every fall down and every ability to rise is our way to find happiness.

This journey is what really makes us happy.


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