Surrounded too many negativity

I am not sure if this feeling is common in other countries, but we Lithuanians have this thing I really can‘t stand. We see everything with too dark colors. There are so many stories I could tell, but today I want to share my thoughts and experience connected with traveling. Actually I am not this hating person, usually I just laugh from it.

Im standing in the airport and waiting for my check in. Next to me – two grown up Lithuanian women, 35-38 years old. One is telling to another (it‘s about holidays):

Everything was so bad… But still.. I don’t want to come back home“.

Wtf they are talking about? I was about to start to laugh. How is that even possible – where and how you live if your holiday was so terrible but still you don‘t want to go back? I can‘t really understand what is wrong with these people.

On my study years i was working in a hotel in Crete and sometimes clients were talking that food is not good enough, beds are not comfortable enough ect. One guy, guest, with whom we become friends told me:

„All I care is a place to sleep“.

People should care more about their activity, what they can take from this holiday, whom they can meet, places they can see. And all they care is food? If you care so much about this stuff – choose 5 stars hotel, not the one where you pay 300 euros for flight tickets and a week with all inclusive. And at the end – I am really curious what these people are eating at home. Two summers I spent in Sergios hotel located in the center of Hersonissos. I swear everything is much more than great there!

Nowadays I am trying to travel as much as I can afford to myself. Not always I am able to stay in the hotel, but it was never a problem. You are getting more fun experiencing different ways.

Few weeks ago me and my friend were walking in the center of Helsinki where we had only few hours and we felt so lucky. We were having this conversation that it was zero times when we said anything bad about our trips, places where we slept, food we ate or activities we did.

I don‘t know an answer, if I am really lucky with choosing, or if I am just this person with positive minds. If so this I can consider as bigger luck.

I also don‘t know if money spoils, I am not rich. I just wish to see less sulky and disgruntled people around.


12 thoughts on “Surrounded too many negativity

  1. It is sad how people do not see the brighter side to everything. yes, why complain, there is always something good about everything. Lovely post. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much. Can’t agree more, also i am noticing too often people feel better when they see others failures. Everybody have bad days, bad holidays, just bad experience and sometimes all you need is some support 🙂

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  2. So true! It’s always about the negative for some people. .. complaining too much even in a restaurant or simply by comparing themselves to others… I feel that this is how you can lose your self esteem at times… Thought provoking post!☺

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    1. Yeah, right? How can you expect somebody to be nice to you if you are complaining about everything and everywhere. It’s a bad habit, people really should refuse it. Thank you so much! 🙂

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