Be yourself. No matter what

Way too often we try to show we are somebody. So beautiful, so smart, so unique, so important. But being simple doesn’t mean you are not beautiful, not clever or not interesting. Always, no matter what you have to be just the way you are. And even you know somebody will not accept you, don’t try to pretend. To cheat yourself very easy, to understand your mistake and to revive takes much time and energy.

I know some things very hard to refuse. Some people as well. But knowing that you are not free by communicating equal betraying yourself. If you stop yourself you stop growing. If someone even without a purpose stops you, what is the point of this communication? It’s difficult to realize this. Very easy we are letting go good people from our life. Trying to explain, trying to talk, trying to change, to change other, to change yourself. It’s good if two people doing this, but if you talk to wall, you will never get an answer. Maybe only if you are high.

You can’t be happy from addiction to somebody. You can only be happy if you know somebody around you cares about you, supports you and wish all the best. No matter if this person is your husband, girlfriend, friend, neighbor or somebody whom you met yesterday on the street.

Be super crazy if you want, be super intelligent if this is who you are, be honest and everything you do – do it from the bottom of your heart.

If you see pretty face only, you are nobody.

If I am judging you, I am nobody.

P.S. if you don’t believe in fairytales you can’t live one.

I am sending my warmest regards from Cyprus to everybody who is reading this.

No worries if you feel lost. We all do. You don’t know what you are doing until it’s done.


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