Disability not to see disability

Is it wrong to value people from your point of view? I mean sure you see me different than I see myself. So the same me – in other people I search for these things I care and value. And it’s so sad nowadays more and more I’m getting disappointed. So many fake things, so many fake people, so many harsh people. I’m asking myself – what wrong I’ve done for them? Did I caused this? Why I am surrounded this anger and jealous? Is it my fault? If so, what should I do now? Even if it’s not my fault, what should I do?

Sometimes you think you are happy, but sometimes you think what is wrong with you – why you are still not happy?

I can not say I’m unhappy, I just feel that sometimes I need to hold a wall to stand. To fight with myself every day, every hour and to find this strength inside.

Even so many really terrible things going around, I believe you should never think your problem is less important. We all are dealing things what we have to learn. And who are you to know what is going on in my mind?

Every time you see people with disabilities you think you are lucky. You are, we are, I can not say we are not. But so many disabilities we have in our minds. And so little of us trying to work with it. So little of us realizing that it is a problem. It is sad too, isn’t?

Everything we are going through matters much more than we can imagine. Everything you are learning today influence tomorrow. My life in the past year changed so much that if you tell me that before I would never believe, but in the end I am the same me – same thoughts, same character, same heart.

The thing is that in daily situations you not only have to stay who you are, but also to be very strong not to take this negativity. Anyway sure strength is just something you have to improve all your life.

Being stronger means being prepared.

Prepared for other challenges.




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